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tracking down, yeah yeah

So, quite a while since the last post. I've been liviung in MA for about a year and a half now, already in my second apartment... I'm at Umass through Con Ed. My band is going well, Cargo May Shift are fucking awesome... goto for downloads or to our website at goto to see some hott semi-nudy pics of me... so, no time for real updates, gotta go.
suck an egg.
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hey! i just did a weirdo search on live journal where you find out who has the most same interests as you and you is mine! shit, i went to your website for the band and stuff, i'm kind of excited cause i don't ever hardle do computer stuff, i just finished reading sapphires PUSh, and patti smith is my favourite rock star also! so any way i thought it would be fun to write to you, maybe we could swap mix tapes or band tapes?
ps i come from new zealand
Hi, I am a random stranger! I think we have quite a few interests in common!
hey. you sound interesting :0)
hello, if you are getting this then i checked under interests in Livejournal and you put Joan of arc, I am sending this because there is a new Joan of arc-ish band called Make Believe, (it also has a member of love of everything in it) and they are touring but they're also playing in my basement on June 7th, i live in syracuse, NY, if you'd like to come email me back and i'll give you directions, i can't tell if people are going to respond to this or be creeped out or whatever, anyway,

Make Believe tour
+ Dates w/ Hella & Need New Body
& Dates w/ Hella & Need New Body & Sextet Invasion

05.18.04 @ Emo's Alternative Lounging | Austin, TX+
05.19.04 @ Proletariat | Houston, TX+
05.20.04 @ Hailey's | Denton, TX+
05.21.04 @ Living Room | Texarkana, AR+
05.22.04 @ Nitecaps | Lafayette, LA+
05.23.04 @ Banks St. Warehouse | New Orleans, LA+
05.25.04 @ Common Grounds | Gainesville, FL+
05.26.04 @ The Orpheum | Tampa, FL+
05.28.04 @ The Social | Orlando, FL+
05.29.04 @ Drunken Unicorn | Atlanta, GA&
05.30.04 @ Go! Rehearsal | Carrboro, NC+
05.31.04 @ Wharehouse Nextdoor | Washington, DC+
06.02.04 @ First Unitarian | Philadelphia, PA+
06.03.04 @ Knitting Factory | New York, NY+
06.04.04 @ North Six | Brooklyn, NY+
06.05.04 @ The Green Room | Providence, RI+
06.06.04 @ T.T. the Bear's | Cambridge, MA+
06.09.04 @ Detroit Art Space | Detroit, MI+

check for more information about make believe

thanks for reading this far,

Jared Larson
excellent taste in music, im adding you.