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so. I had a great day yesterday... escapades through the wild landscapes
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so. I had a great day yesterday... escapades through the wild landscapes<or should i say suburbia??> of pennsylvania with drew... made purchases:
1.) 7 copies of optic nerve (just amazing)
2.)issue 42 of Transmetropolitan... very depressing and cynically and politically arrousing
3.) the new butchies album.. which i hated at first, but now love.. it is very different, track 8 in especially good, i'm listening to it as i type.
i'm feeling very emotuional and confused about the next 2-3 weeks... i don't feel like going into it, but if you are really curious, listen to the song Population 1975 by the buitchies... it somes it up perfectly.
i am in love with life and dreading it at the same time, the wierdest part is that the things that cause the love are also the things that cause the dread...
i'm feeling nostalgic about everything.. the whole gammit.. flem fam, freshman yearbooks, my so called life, my yard, my parents.. everything.. but this is normal and healthy i suppose... i just want to go into a coma and wake up months from now... who knows, maybe i'll be the next karen, and when i wake up natalie will be there and I will be able to fill some sort of space that I know an email or a phone call can never fill.... ugg.. this post is not going where i meant it to at all... livejournal makes me think about stuff i normally don't, like my own private psychiatrist...
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