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a work in progress

i haven't been able to write in forever.. here is the first poem for months, not yet completed.

Newark, 1986.

Red lights are blinking in the sky,
like heaven is winking,
like god is winking.

My 5 year old body curled up
in the passenger seat of my father's car
sees judgment towering above.
So I wink back.

Airplanes never know
how low is too low.
So god pushes them up.
Higher than even his eyes can see,
so that there light shines down on him.

The red eyes of god keep things in their place,
blinking away like a monarch drunken on lust.
Me in mine, him in his own,
and these machines above all else.

i miss you natalie... i'm goinf to write to you son, promise...
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