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hpw do you spell sequel?

I had my second date with drew tonight. it was so nice... We met at denny's, got some coffee and coke, and then drove around for a while... we decided to explore the area around denny's to see if there was anything else, but there wasn't, besides a closed pawn shop (and for those of you from boston, that's pawn, not porn)he pumped my gas for me cause i'm from jersey and don't know how... then we decided to go to New Hope, we went to the book store and talked about books and we were going to go to karla's (the coffee/breakfast place, famous for the taracotta wall incident), but instead just talked for a while.. their was parrisian style kissing involved and much holding of hands... excitement and possibilities are in the air and i'm very happy about all of this... I also found a MUCH quicker way to drive to 95 south.. it saves me about 10 minutes, which is a very good thing... work was grueling today. i am now on a one man mission to overthrow the greeting card industry. oh, did i mention drew is Irish??? you know natalie's got to dig it...
plus his name is the past tense of a verb...
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