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university fakers

It was really nice today... the weather i mean... all these people at my school were pretending they were at a real college. There were people playing hacky sack in the courtyard and a boy playing guitar very badly on a bench... cynisism abounds.....
It bothers me when i get emotionally involved with television shows that i never watch... i saw ER tonight for the first time in months... ugg.... sally fields was bi polar and a boy died of alcohol poisoning during rush week at a university... and i care for some reason...
I told my mom that "skim" and jurardo would probably be sleeping here and now she has gone into this flurry of food preperation... she feels that she must feed the world... personalities can be funny and depressing all at the same time...
my parents are happy they are going to get to meet two of my future roomates and I am happy that the mysterious jurardo will finally be intoduced to me... i had this fantasy today.. it was me and jurardo doing laundry together at some 24 hour laundry mat... i'm excited about making new friends and walking long distances to wash clothes with them.
violins will be singing in my head while I sleep tonight...
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