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You liar, You goddamn liar, whoa You liar, yeah You liar, whoa

I'm in the library.. i have to write a term paper that 
is due tommorrow.. i haven't even started yet.. it is going 
to be on the origin of nightmares and the psychological 
studies done on the issue during the past 60 years... 
research for the paper has not even begun....mohawk barbie 
cancled.. i got a replacement band.. they are surf rock..
i shot a new photography project.. i created a murder scene 
and the story leading up to it without ever using a single 
model.. the blood was bueatiful and it dripped in the best 
shapes and patterns... my  light meter is all fucked up, 
but i pretty much have all the  setting instictively 
memorized to the point where i don't really need the meter, 
so i think it will turn out ok... i'm printing it very 
large.. i'm going to put it in the gallery in our attic... 
it is six prints long... 
everyone should go onto napster and download songs by the 
band Sister soleil. especially the songs: chair, blind, 
torch, little girl, red, and hit me. you guys would all 
really like them, especially sharon... they are my favorite 
music right now...
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