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when heather's ship comes in she won't be sorry, she have lots of friends and they'll all want her.

i'm working on a photography project that has me more excited than anything i have done for quite a while, and it involves my parents, which is good because i never see them... it also involves smiles, paper, a kitchen knife, blood, and gore and it is going to be great and disturbing and on 11X14 paper, which i never do. natalie is alive and i am happy and think it is funny that she is not in germany after only two days... i am hanging out with drew (internet friend from philly) on sunday and this also makes me happy because talking to strangers is just about the best thing ever, or the worst most uncomfortable thing ever, but either way it is interesting and completely out of the norm (aka not flemington). i think heather needs a hug from someone, but I'm not sure who, and I think it might be me, but I can not give her a hug because my arms are not long enough to reach MA. i called her last night, but only got cristina, and i will call again tonight. i'v never met jamie, but she can't be that great... at least that's how i see it... just think about it this way heather, didn't ren seem great at first?? don't get to broken up about it. drink some southern comfort, smoke a pack of cigarrettes, listen to "the reason the night is long" on repeat for three hours and get it out of your sytem... then you can laugh at jamie (i mean, she is with JC after all, that's laughable, right?). you'll feel better, i promise... ok, i'm out of here...
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