Johnny (riotnotquiet) wrote,

fifi, my grandmother used to call it a fifi. isn't that nice? a fifi?

I almost died today... I would tell the story, but i'm not in the mood... let's just say it involves tractor trailers, red lights, and a silver bug. I've been feeling creative lately... i've been waiting for it to come back for so long, I'm happy that it has... i wrote a song about a film... i had a good conversation... School is less daunting now, which is good because I thought i was going to implode... I have a crush on a boy who lives in amherst and I know nothing about beyond hetaher's commentary and one picture... one day i will have a conversation with him and he will fall in love...
"anything less than extraordinary is a waste of your time.
there are too many mediocre thing in life, and love shouldn't be one of them"

Current Music: Mirah "storage land"
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