Johnny (riotnotquiet) wrote,

eddie murphy on a pissed off day.

So I have this class that meets in a building 45 minutes away from the main campus. It is in a town called franklin which is very poor, and very black. The class is psychology. I am the only white person (besides this very insane older woman who scares me and I think she should be locked away. note: this is not a hyperbole). I always assumed that everyone who took classes there was black because most of the people in the area are. but today, I took glimpses into other rooms while I was on my way out of the building. not a single black person in any of the classes... it turns out that psychology is a mandatory class for those trying to get their nursing degree... all this made me sad and I'm still trying to figure out what it all means.

lover's in love
and the others run away.
lover is cryin'
cause the other won't stay.

sometimes she hovers
when she's weeping for the other
who's been crying since the day
she was born and well,

well it's not that i think i'm throwing,
but I'm thrown.

and i thought I'de live forever,
but now I'm not to sure
you try to tell me that I'm clever
but that won't take me anyhow, or anywhere
with you.

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