Johnny (riotnotquiet) wrote,

good buy...

So, I made the best purchase today. I was at blockbuster and I bought two movies:
Office Killer for only 2.00!!! I was amazed... apparently they found three copies in a box in the back room... and they didn't think anyone would by them... yay for me.. I also got The Talented Mr. Ripley for $3.00. No one else likes that movie but me.. I really like it alot. my mom likes it... but no one lese... heather did not like it.. i think she fell asleep actually... anyway... time for me to sleep..
Music: Smog: "Dongs on Sevotion", Tsunami: the 7" i bought at the punk rock garage sale.
Movie: Bedazzled. a funny "non-thinking" movie that was pretty funny and featured many cute people... and a few semi interesting ideas on religion..
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